Less than 8 hours!(:
Tomorrow is the day!!!(:
June 18th..

Things changed, David and I were approved for a 1bd/1ba apartment. Yay!! (: Now, instead of waiting till July 1st, we move in June 18th and it’s the best news ever!! I am so happy and excited. Just about 3 weeks and we move in together!!(: The excitement is overwhelming!!(:


In the midst of all the parties, all the festivals, bbq’s and whatever else is going on. Take a second to remember and thank the man and woman that have bravely gave their life for strangers like you and me who they didn’t even know. Don’t thank am active military member or a veteran. This is memorial day, not veterans day. Honor those men and women by remembering their existence and thanking them for the sacrifice they made. #memorialday #wewillneverforget
37 days…

I finally get to move out of my parents and in with the love of my life! I can’t wait to finally be able to sleep in his arms every night!(: yay!!!(:

And the countdown begins..

Only 60 days and I move in with David! I am so happy and excited!(: Now, I just need to tell my parents..o.O hah

UGH! I just want it to be Sunday!):

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